At Dogz Inc, we believe in creating healthy, happy relationships between dogs and their people using positive re-enforcement based training methods.  Even the most difficult dogs can show dramatic improvement once their owners are educated and empowered with the right class, tools and techniques.  Education is a process.  We don’t send our children to pre-school and expect them to be self-sufficient.  Dogs are the same way.

To complete and continue your dog’s education, we offer classes at all levels. Our training classes are engaging and informative. You’re welcome to stop by an observe at any time, or speak to any of our current or past clients – we love what we do and it shows!

For more information about our training programs, make a selection below:

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With Dogz Cams, you can check in on your dog at our facility at any time...anywhere in the world. We know what missing your best friend we are getting you connected!
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