Training Methods
Our progressive, force-free training programs are based on the scientific principles of animal learning theory and the use of positive reinforcement based techniques (including Clicker Training) to set your dog up for success. All methods are 100% dog-friendly so you can truly be your dog’s best friend! Physical punishment is not necessary. Remember, learning shouldn’t hurt!

For the health and safety of all our friends, all dogs must be current on rabies, distemper and bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.

Please keep your dog on a leash to and from the car and while in the lobby.

At Dogz, we love ALL dogs – large and small.  Those lucky doggies that get to work and play with us are evaluated on their character and disposition, NOT on their breed or size.  


We understand that life happens, it happens to us too! That why we try to offer an understanding and fair policy for refunds and cancellations. If you have been confirmed in a class and given Dogz at least a weeks notice that you’re unable to attend, we will offer you a full refund.

If you are unable to give us a weeks notice, we hope that you understand that your confirmation of attendance has prevented another student from being able to fill that space. If you need to cancel without a week’s notice, a non-refundable administrative fee of $60.00 per reservation will be assessed. You must notify Dogz at (775) 351-4854 at least one week before your class start date to not be subject to the administrative fee.

No refunds will be given for non-attendance of any class session once class begins. No exceptions.

Dogz reserves the right to collect a $60.00 administrative fee per reservation. This Administrative Fee represents a reservation and attendance in class. A partial refund of your class fee will be issued up to the second session. Your refund request must be in writing (via email or snail mail) and must be requested prior to the start of the second session of the class.

Attendance Policy

You are responsible to attend all sessions as outlined in the class schedule. Makeup sessions can be scheduled as a private session with your Instructor, however the make-up is charged to you as a one-hour private consultation fee.

At Dogz, our classes are have limited attendance to give each participant individualized attention. To make the most out of your classes, you must attend and engage for your dog to make optimal progress.

Class Schedule

Class schedules are subject to change prior to the class start date.

Vaccination/Health Requirements
Proof of your dog’s current (age appropriate) vaccinations must be provided by the first class session in order to participate. Titer results are acceptable. Dogs must be healthy.

Risks for Puppies
Although many people recommend that young puppies stay home until they are fully vaccinated, several critical developmental and socialization periods end prior to the completion of a normal puppy vaccination schedule and there is a definite risk of inadequate socialization if you wait to take your puppy into the world. We always follow a veterinarian’s judgment as a physical health professional, however, we defer to the Animal Behaviorists when it comes to your puppies mental and behavioral well-being. We fully sanitize our training area prior to puppy classes and monitor the vaccinations of all puppies that attend. Please see the following literature for more information regarding puppy class participation

AVSAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization
Purdue University’s Recommendations for Puppy Class Protocols
Dr. Robert K. Anderson’s view on puppy socialization and vaccinations

Children In Class
We are happy to have family members and children attend our classes. In order to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone in the class, please review our guidelines:

  • Children must remain with their parents and under parental control at all times.
  • Parents must supervise their children for the entire class.
  • Children are not permitted to run, yell or otherwise act disruptive in the classroom.
  • If your child wants to meet another dog, please obtain the owner’s permission first.
  • Children can get bored during class. Please bring quiet toys or activities to keep them entertained.